Visualizing a class progress in a subject over a year

At the end of each academic year, an important question that subject teachers face is, “Did any of the students improve or drop in performance over the year?”

There are multiple tests conducted in a year and graded individually. Calculating average scores for a subject will give over-all progress of the subject in the year. However it will miss out on the actual pattern of “movement of students” from beginning of the year to end of the year.

At Report Bee we are experimenting on new ways of presenting data that will enable teachers
to identify interesting patterns.

We tried to visualize students scores in a Mathematics across all the exams in a year. Here are the results.

School 1: A good school that is known for good academics.

Y axis is percentage score in a given exam.

X axis set of exams.

Students whose score changes +/ – 10% are drawn using thin green lines, scores that have 10%-20% change are drawn using red lines and any score that has changed by 30% is show using thick white line.

With that basic information, what do you observe in the above visualization of students progress in a year? Are you able to find out the set of students who have dramatically improved/dropped, or, can you find if students are consistent in their scores i.e. Good students remains good and poor student remains poor throughout the year.

Another example School 2: A school that isn’t good in academics. Subject Mathematics.

Another example School 3: School that is good in academics and extra curricular. Subject Mathematics.

We did not come to the eventual design in step-1 we had to iterate a lot, here are an example of an iteration – single color.

Our first version was drawn with uniform width lines and it was messy – you get the idea right!

While making these charts, we have ignored absentees. Good visualization is an iterative work. We still have to field test these visualization and observe if it really helps the teachers. And we plan to do lot more fine tuning.