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On a Sunday morning, I was in half sleep with my eyes closed and ears open, sitting on a chair trying to get rid of the Sunday morning laziness. The clock read 7 a.m but it seemed like midnight. Songs were playing on TV, the melody in the background was heavenly, but it had counter effect on what I was trying to do, still the joy of fighting was boundless.

Now that I am in a state where dreams can’t be distinguished from reality, a faint music which seemed very familiar started out in a very low volume and grew into an alarm bell demanding my attention. Oh god, I have to pick the mobile quick, my son might wake up or worst; is it going to be one more diplomatic Sunday because I woke my family early? When you are in happiness team, you would have overcome the common man habit of looking at who is calling before picking up the phone, knowing that the probability of getting a call from an unknown number is close to one.

Hello, Yes

It was a mature female voice from the other side (as expected), starting with an apology even before a hello.

Extremely sorry to disturb you on a Sunday morning Sir, but I’m not able to save my mark” by this sentence you would get nothing apart from that,

The caller is a teacher from some school who has logged in and working in Report Bee on a Sunday morning. Doesn’t it sound strange? Think before when you comment next time on your kid’s teacher that she is not committed enough.

If you had asked me before why would I want to be in the education industry? I may have said different things, but today, it’s because of the teachers like this. Get me an industry by name, where the customer apologies and feels truly sorry for calling on a Sunday to avail a service for which they have paid and holds all the rights to demand the same.

By now, I have opened my eyes, standing in my balcony, the mornings in Chennai are surprisingly good these days, with tons of question for one question from the teacher,

Which school are you calling from?”, “You are class teacher of which class?” and “Are you getting any error” etc…

She patiently answers all the questions with apologies between each question that she forgot to be clear in asking her question.
Finally, the answer was simple, “Please check your internet connection ma’am, I think it’s disconnected.

She apologizes for calling, restarts her modem and started working. She even had the courtesy to send me a message, “It worked, I’m able to save now, Thank you.” It made me wonder, what did I do other than just picking up her call? If she had looked around for a while, she might as well would have figured that out by herself.

Every customer, be it any industry, has very limited attention and time for what we think the most important part of their life, our products. But there are infinite things which comes in the way while they experience our product. We may not be able to find solution or solve everything or any of the things which is beyond our control, other than just listen.

All that customers want is someone to talk to, it might be a silly call for me, but it is an important call for her to keep working on. If the person is a prerecorded message, damn they won’t even call. Giving the confidence to customers that they can pick up their phone and call us anytime and there will be someone to listen truly is at-most important in making the customer happy. With the 80% of teachers in schools being female, this becomes even more important for us.

That’s why in Report Bee, on every occasion we insist that the teachers to call us anytime and we request them not be too nice in demanding what they have the right to demand.

Cloud Vidyashram – Quality education that is free for all

Report Bee is partnering with AMM Foundation to launch Cloud Vidyashram, an educational initiative that envisions to provide “quality education that is free for all” using the available technology and knowledge in the public domain.

Cloud Vidyashram

We aim to translate selected Khan Academy videos to tamil and offer it to schools in a format that can be easily consumed by students. This leads us to our next question.

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