Judging is not that Easy at Bhavan’s Rajaji Vidyashram, Chennai

On Saturdays, normally, it is tough for me to come out. Being a designer, I usually spend time with a Creative Community called Madrasters and conduct some

user group meetings to get myself involved in various sources. I also love exploring new places and appreciate a lot of design and art that inspires me; that helps me unwind and relaxes me during the weekends. But this Saturday was an exceptional break; a kind that just blew my mind.


This month, Report Bee got invites from many schools to judge their School Competition events; I went for the ones that were on designing. So, on 5 July 2014, I had to rush at 12 noon to Bhavans for judging its Website Designing and Banner Designing competition. The moment I entered, the student coordinator rushed to me and said that most of the designs are done and waiting to be judged. That made it clear to me that I was late (oops!). I went ahead with judging. I first checked-out the website designs, which were done mostly by 10th and 12th class students; I found them to be very impressive. The quality of submissions was way too high for their standard, is what I thought. Kudos to the Computer Science teacher for helping the students excel at HTML & CSS. Further to this, I move down to judge the Banner Design submissions. This was by far the toughest decision I have ever made. All the designs were stunning and pixel perfect.


These kids were way too impressive in their designs. At the back of my mind, I was seriously considering the idea of having them as interns in my Design Team. The event ended with me receiving some beautiful customised gifts from the school and I was left feeling refreshed and smiling by this opportunity.

The two visits I made to schools as a Judge helped me understand how students and teachers related with each other and how the schools function as a system. I also learnt about the superior standards of the students from their performance in these competitions. I could get a sense of their preferences, which could be used to customise Report Bee’s designs in future.

Eco-friendly Gift


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