Teacher, Friend, Mentor…A Big Pillar of My Life!!


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Teachers, as we know, are the only ones who are mentioned in the same breath as Gods and Parents. They are the leading light in a kid’s life; people who children always ape and learn from. A good teacher is always a ray of hope and a guidance to children. Teachers play a key role in shaping children’s mind-sets and thought processes, even long after they have ceased to remain children. They almost always lead by example, which to me, is the best way to teach someone. Teachers have always been kind and strict at the same time while ensuring that we tread the path of learning and progress.

On this occasion of Teacher’s Day, I am nostalgic about all those excellent teachers who kindled the spark in me and enabled me to evolve into a successful adult in both, my personal and professional life. I shall always carry their guiding words with me and will do my best to put to good use. As we grow and become adults, we meet different kinds of people in various walks of life. But for some reason, a few of them always remain in our memory; they have a very special place in our hearts. On a day like this, I want to mention two such teachers who are the best Gurus of my life. Thank you, Teachers!

My childhood teacher, Ms. Meenakshi, taught me Sanskrit at Jawahar Higher Secondary School, Neyveli. Ever since my very early days as a student, I have always had a longing passion for this wonderful language and what it constitutes. This longing became a reality due to the efforts of this particular Aacharya. She started off as a geography teacher, but developed interest in Sanskrit and started learning it at a later part of her life. She started doing a certification course in Sanskrit at a private institute and inspired me to join that as well. We hit it off well from the start and in due course of time, our relationship strengthened as teacher-student as well as evolved into close friendship. She has since become an inspiration for me to keep learning new things throughout my life. Not only is she a really good teacher, but also a very compassionate and kind hearted person. She has always gone the extra mile and taken interest in not just my education but in my personal well-being and growth as well. Not only has her teachings helped me in understanding the depth and richness of the literature of this language, but also apply its precious subhashithaani (good sayings) in my day to day life. I have always looked up to her for both guidance and advice even after becoming an adult and a parent. She is a marvellous person to know and a great Guru!!

I was fortunate enough to find another great Guru during my Masters in Dr. Hemalatha Thyagarajan who taught me at National Institute of Technology (NIT), Trichy. She is my role model in almost everything, from my career to personal life. She is a vibrant person who is defined by her dynamism and display of energy. I have always wished to have at least 10% of the energy and courage that she has. She is such an inspiring personality!! When I joined NIT, students used to be terrified of her. But during my stint at NIT, I was able to see that she was so very genuine and ultra-talented in her field. She did her Ph.D. in Operations Research from University of Texas (Austin, USA) when her son was going to school in Trichy. All my passion for Operations research and my pursuance of Ph.D. in Supply Chain Management are purely inspired by her.

Professors normally teach their subjects but she is one of those who mentored me in my personal life as well. During rapidly ongoing college placements, I was placed with a couple of offers but she opened me up to an entirely new world back then: she introduced me to DATA ANALYTICS and motivated me to work for a start-up. Yep! it was she who introduced me to the start-up world and the fun of working in it. Not just that, even when I have felt emotionally drained or downtrodden, she has helped me recover from it. I am grateful for her support especially when I had a tug of war in convincing my family for my love marriage; she gave me a shoulder to lean on and the confidence that I was on the right path of life. Thanks to her, I am blessed with a very understanding and great husband as well as a family for everyone to envy! She is one big pillar of my life!!

I take this opportunity to salute all the wonderful teachers, who tirelessly (and most thanklessly) strive to create bright futures for both our children and the society at large. I hope the next generations also enjoy the pleasures of finding the right teacher, who can shape up their life and create a better tomorrow.

(A special composition to commemorate Teacher’s Day 2014)


10 thoughts on “Teacher, Friend, Mentor…A Big Pillar of My Life!!”

  1. Teachers are always our pillar of support! Yours is an example of how much they take care of their students! very nice Jayashree!

  2. Akka, just goose bumps… Wonderful words… I am so blessed to be/tell to this world, Mrs. Meenakshi’s daughter…
    No more words to express my happiness 🙂

  3. Wow! You really are blessed with a lot of awesome teachers to share such an amazing relationship. Great choice of words to express what they mean. Going by the comments, it has moved a lot of people already. Great read!

  4. Jayashree, nicely written. Indeed Teachers are the unsung heroes of this world. BTW, the oft mentioned reverence to parents and teachers comes from Taittiriya Upanishad. “Svaadhyaaya pravacanaabhyaM na pramaditavyam. MaatRudevo bhava. PitRu Devo bhava. Aachaarya Devo bhava. Athiti Devo bhava. Yaanyanvadyaani karmaaNi. Etc. All gems. More later. All the best.

  5. Right timing (teachers day) and a beautiful narrative. Enjoyed reading. Both the teachers are lucky as well to have guided such a nice student!

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