Teachers Who Made Me Dream


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I feel grateful to three of my teachers: Mr. Shyamal Roy, Mr. Srinivas Prakhya and Mr. Baskar Rao. All three of them made a similar impact on me. Two of these teachers taught me during my Post Graduation while one taught me at school. All of them used a style of teaching that relied minimally on the books and teaching material. They drew their lessons on what they understood at the basic level and the things they had internalized.

When they spoke, I used to get teleported into their world. Such was the power of their narration! It was no longer about listening or paying attention or making notes; I was there experiencing an exciting new world along with a friendly guide. The guide mattered but I was so far engrossed in the  world created by him that even as I could hear what the guide was saying, my mind buzzed with many different things the guide didn’t even mention. The experience is a lot like listening to the tour guide where you would listen to the guide but you would be even more enamoured with vivid visuals of the tour place.

It is only when the ‘Bell’ rang that I came back to my senses. It was like waking up from a beautiful dream but the only difference was that I could remember this dream. It wasn’t just about sharing the knowledge; rather, it was about opening doors of the mind to many more possibilities of the wonderful world of Economics or Market Research or English prose stories. Those were the subjects these wonderful teachers opened up to me.


(A special composition to commemorate Teacher’s Day 2014)


6 thoughts on “Teachers Who Made Me Dream”

  1. Creatively written. Power of a Dream is just unbelievable!!
    Dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them!
    And you got tons of courage and being genuine .

  2. Superb Anant. After reading this i went back to my school days and getting the name of my favorite teachers and made wishes for them. Thank u for made this by your “TEACHERS WHO MADE ME DREAM” post..

  3. Report Bee is a dream :). Only an open mind can dream a dream and turn it into reality for others to enjoy. Really lucky of you to have had not one, not two but three such teachers who made you dream.
    There is a great lesson in this one for anyone who wishes to teach & transform :)!

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