When Solution Lies in the Problem

After all the struggle of communicating who you are and what you stand for in convincing the management to subscribe for Report Bee, the next immediate challenge is to make sure to do the same with the Principal & teachers, who are the real users of the product and may not be the direct decision makers in paying your bill for the first-time.

The first step and struggle is in generating interest in teachers to learn something new which is not part of their current workflow, with the promise that it will work; it’s here to stay for a long time; it’s worth investing & learning and it’s going to help in working better.
The success and failure of Report Bee simply lies in this first step. If this step fails, however good the product is, however powerful the management is, it’s not going to work. The final sentence or feeling which is going to prevail within the school is that, ‘the product doesn’t work’ when they haven’t even given a fair try to learn or use the product, rather we haven’t done a good job in convincing them to do so.

The most common reason, heard from the market, for the failure of any software product is directly related to the implementation rather than the quality of the product.

To solve the problem, it’s fairly simple to employ a person from Report Bee in the school to get the tasks done. Without bothering to convince the users, under the disguise of comforting the user, you are not even exposing them to your product. But this human resource intensive model apart from having scalability issue, kills the curiosity and keenness to learn the nuances of product usage in improving the product to be self-reliant. Thus, there is no other means of making your product work & scaling than making sure that the intended users have enough interest and are convinced to use the product by self-learning.

YES, now we are talking about learning and the most intuitive & natural way of learning, self-learning, but for adults.

What is the difference in learning between kids and adults?

Kids learn to quench their curiosity without the need to learn. Adults just can’t put themselves in line to learn something new without knowing why they should or what do they get out of it, at least a considerable number of adults. It’s easy as an adult to keep following the routine process which has been working and stable, rather than learning and switching to something new which could bring better efficiency and quality.

We have been doing the bit of convincing and answering the why & what, by being physically present in school in the name of teacher training. But with the number of customers going up, we switched to videos, online demo sessions, instruction documents, on boarding kits, and love email, interactive SMS to make the teachers listen and encourage them to give it a try. It has been working so far, but as we grow with more customers and geographical spread, there is a need for many lateral and direct methods to convince the user to invest time in learning the product and we believe that’s the way forward.

Share your ideas and thoughts on the methods you employed to convince your users to try your product.

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