Power of Data Digitisation

Author: Venky

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I recently went for an eye check-up to a well-known hospital. At the same place, eight years ago, there was another eye hospital where I had gone for a check-up and got a prescription for my glasses. By this time, a new management had taken over the place. When the receptionist asked whether this was my first visit to the hospital, considering the new management, I said, “Yes”.

A few minutes after I filled in my details, the receptionist came to me and said, “it is not your first visit to this hospital. You had been here eight years ago.” She also showed my profile and the prescription provided to me back then. I was a little surprised because I never thought that such old data could still exist with the new management after all those years. The power of data digitization dawned on me that very moment and a scenario crossed my mind.

I imagined a student who had applied for admission in a new school but was yet to submit the hard copies of marks sheets from her previous school. Next day, when she went to submit her marks, the school said that they had already viewed her profile and her performance in the previous school and that they were happy to admit her in their school. I could feel the surprise of this student and her parents, just like I was when the old hospital with new management pulled out my records from 8 long years ago. Looks like we are not far from experiencing this power of data digitisation for real!

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