Our First Student Visitation & A Lesson in Statistics

It was a casual evening around 3 PM and I was waiting at the reception of AMM Matriculation School to meet the Principal, Mahalakshmi Ma’am. As I entered and waited at the reception, there were teachers coming in and going out in hurry, some were signing off their out time (it was the end of that school day), some parents waiting outside to meet teachers and amidst all this some passers-by looking at me, smiling and wondering who I was waiting for. Needless to say, I was indeed doing the same! More in fact; eavesdropping a few conversations, actually! 🙂

There was a phone ringing somewhere in the corner of the room and that brought me back to reality. The receptionist looked and asked me to go and meet the Principal. As I entered the Principal’s office, she (like other school Principals) had a hundred things to attend to, with at least five people entering per minute to get her signatures, discuss  problems, and get her consent on school issues. This was nothing new to me. Having been visiting a lot of schools, I have gotten used to the busy schedules of the Principals.

The meeting ended well, with her bubbly self, always teasing us and ensuring we always leave with a smiling face. While I was leaving, she was looking at insights, one of Report Bee’s smart features and said with a twinkle in her eye, “hey Sharanya! Why don’t we have the AMM kids visiting your office to make them understand how you use data and generate these Report Cards? Will be interesting for them to learn!” I thought to myself, hmmm! Not a bad idea at all! Also we will get to know how well children understand our reports and more importantly if they like them! 🙂

The date was fixed to be 25th March 2015 and it was decided that 90 students from Class 8 will visit Report Bee’s office.  This was something really exciting for us here at Report Bee to plan up and ensure the children leave our office with a smile! 🙂

The purpose of the visit was to get the children to understand statistics and its usage in everyday life, very similar to how Report bee helps schools, teachers and parents to understand the students’ better through data visualization. On 25th March, the students came in 3 different batches of 30 each, one after the other starting at 9:45 AM. We had an activity to explain the concept of Measures of Central Tendency (Mean, Median, and Mode) and how they can be used in everyday life.  We had Arvind explaining the concepts while I just entertained the students with all my talk! It does work at times! 🙂

IMG_2781 IMG_2782 IMG_2769 IMG_2772 IMG_2775

At the end of the each session, all the students left with chocolates and a certificate of participation. It was great to interact with the students and I can certainly say that Report Bee has made them happier. They love their reports! They find it colourful and love the designs! They are also really happy that Grades are shown in place of marks because that that means less lecturing from parents! 🙂

We thank AMM Matriculation School for arranging this visit and the students for visiting our office and interacting with us! A morning well spent for RB-ians! 🙂

5 thoughts on “Our First Student Visitation & A Lesson in Statistics”

  1. Sharanya too good! Who said you left teaching , it is inbound.

    Selfish as always, “They love their reports! They find it colourful and love the designs!” Cheers!

  2. Awesome initiative Sharan. As Ant mentioned, showing the work what we do and sharing our vision behind it will turn the perspective of Report Bee in students. Glad to see they loved the experience and left with smiling faces.

    So, who is next? Parents, teachers or Principals?

  3. Very nice, Sharanya!
    Would like to hear of student’s reactions to our report card. Interesting that the schools are extending the students explore such things and we will do a lot more like this in future.
    Yup, not just to students, but to teachers as well.

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