A Creative Break for the Workaholics

Author: Suganthi P

One fine morning, an interesting mail dropped in my inbox with ‘H5! With DT (Design Team)’ in the subject line.  It was planned to be a causal meeting on one particular day with the DT and the Front-end Team. The purpose of the meeting was to know about everyone and their interests, hobbies, experiences etc. This ‘Get to Know Each Other’ session magically turned into an ‘Out-of-the-Box Learning’ session.

The first learning session was held on March 20th, 4 PM at Ameex office. Every circle needs a starting point; so this started with a session on ‘Paper Quilling’, which was led by me. A brief introduction on how to use the paper strips and glue was sufficient to let the creative juices flow. As I waited anxiously to see the results, the team got engrossed for all of 3 hours with mere strips of paper and glue. Finally, the moment of truth left me feeling nothing short of euphoric. I was really excited to see the pretty little items the teams’ creativity had produced–Snow-slider with awesome words, Bird, Bee key-chain, flower and more.

Creative Minds at Work
Creative Minds at Work

Team’s Feedback: At end of the event, I was excited by my team members’ review as they mentioned that they were really pulled out from their work and had a wonderful experience because of their interest in that activity. It was really inspiring for all of us and also paved way to my next level.

My Experience: Knowledge is at its best when it is shared with others! It brought me happiness and joy to see that just a hobby of mine had multiplied and spread to my team.

Lesson: To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong. We have no idea what we are capable of. Everyone has talent!What is rare is the courage to follow the talent to the dark places where its leads.

So we created a platform for everyone to experience their creative side and planned an activity for each month. These sessions are open to all and we would encourage everyone to join in. There is no restriction on who you are, what you know, what you are going to share. Just come and be yourself!

Naming the group: After a fiery discussion we came up with a name that sounds like NON CREATIVE (read: Naan Creative)!

The First Naan Creative Team

I hope everyone found this activity interesting. Thank you for joining in.

6 thoughts on “A Creative Break for the Workaholics”

  1. Awesome initiative. Missed the first meet but sure to be part from second onwards. Sure this kind of activities keeps the mind fresh, creative and sharp enough to face great problems with simple solutions.

    Three Cheers to Non Creative ( Semma creativity level for the name itself. 🙂 ) team.

  2. Awesome Suganthi! 🙂 Next time i would like to be part of the session too! Quilling has been on my bucket list for a long time! 🙂

    Taking some time off like this, helps the mind to be fresh and more creative. Great initiative! 🙂

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