Non Creative Meet 4 – Waste Materials Craft Work

Author : Daniel


Where fear fades, there life blooms.

Sure, fear creates a blocks in human’s life. my fears were at its peak

Why was I scared?

        Not once ,twice but thrice the non creative sessions have gone wonderfully and it is the fourth time and it is my turn , creativity. Technically, I’m conducting the 4th Non – Creative Meetup. I have to prove myself , my talent and creativity . But I don’t  know how . I had only one thought;  by not wasting their time I have to show them “Nothing is waste”.


  1. Name: After giving  a deep thought into what I should name the whole concept , I named it

“Waste Material Craft Work “( I stole it from the internet !!!).

  1. I segregated the materials into two

The things I have to buy

The things that I have to collect from my home .

 At last I had a bag full of goodies. I patted myself saying well begun is half done.

  1. I carried my bag and started from my home to the venue, IIFL, 6th floor,  AMEEX OFFICE.


       26th June 2015 – it was a Friday evening, yes the moment has arrived, the moment I anticipated, the moment I rehearsed many times , the moment I was waiting for .It  was the occasion in which I have to prove that I am creative in a Non creative meet . Amidst all this tension , my girl friend advised (ordered)  me to dress properly and there is no escape from her word .I did that too. Numbers are flowing in my mind, and i realized that a big crowd is waiting to attend my Non creative activity especially on that day. Fear and joy was flourishing inside me.

       Everyone was gathered in the terrace, people took their own time to settle down, but once they got comfortable, everyone’s attention was towards Suganthi. She gave a brief introduction about NC and gave the stage to me I was nervous  and terrified , mouth was in silent mode and the body was in vibrant mode.

report bee NC

           At last I gathered  all the strength I can and opened, my laptop and started my presentation , as soon as the first slide appeared on screen the whole crowd burst out laughing .The slide was funny , I made sure that they laugh, so that I can start my presentation with a happy note . My mind voice said “People are happy. Start it”.

My Concept :

         My idea is very simple. Some of the things that would otherwise end up in the dustbin make great material for craft projects. Creating new thing out of waste is very satisfying, and the possibilities are almost endless.  So I have developed a habit of saving things.  I started making art especially “Name Board” out of recycled materials. My thoughts are here

report bee NC1

Team Involvement:

120 mins passed still the activity continued, even the sun finished its job and left for its home and it was dark everywhere, but the involvement and the interest of the participants kept me going.

report bee NC2

Nothing is a waste, when we give our thought and potential a form even waste materials can be transformed into masterpieces. Our NC members got hold of the thought and made amazing art works out of waste materials.

I got feedback about my Session from a new Bee.


Non creative gives unique meaning in english and tamil. Thats crazy to watch all creative stuffs of Daniel for the first time. As It was my first NC meet i was on observing things happening around me.Then I started to do a name board with the help of Daniel. Colours and paint brushes remind me of my childhood memories. I was inspired and am waiting for next meetups.

report bee NC3

At last, Without the Non Creative Team’s involvement, I would not have achieved this .



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  1. I just came by to see what’s happening in RB and was glad to see updates :). This is such a great Blog of the NC Team activity and Daniel’s brave attempt at it.

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