Author: Jeevan Siva

Location: New Office

Time : 4.30 PM

It was our first NC meet at the new office. This time, I decided to use less tools as my belief in art has always been on tools like pen, pencil, brush, mouse and marker. As a result, the confidence has always been dependent on the type of tools I get to use. Using only the thumb restricts many forms and I want to know how it works. Thumb art is usually for kids in kindergarten to enhance hand coordination. Here I decided to check the extent of imagination in adults. After 10 minutes of brainstorming where and when we use our thumb, we started the activity. The answers varied from using a smartphone to screen recognition pattern and lot more.

No one had used their thumb to do any art. With the shape of a thumb, the art form flows along with creativity and thinking skills. The possibility of creating anything you can imagine makes it more exciting.

IMG-20150829-WA0006  1st NC meet at collaboration room at new office.

What you need :

  •     A sheet of paper
  •     Black marker/ gel pen
  •     Any color paint
  •     Thumbs and fingers

It’s quick. It’s simple. It’s Creative.

Many of them preferred to check online. While few tried replicating, few tried reproducing. And some of them took the influence alone and tried to bring that intensity in their work.

And here is the outcome of Thumb art!

IMG-20150830-WA0005Outcome of Thumb Art!

A man flying with a pool of balloons, two little bees, monkey and butterflies, shiva, a colour palette, a couple of trees, reindeer(s) pulling the sledge, dogs etc.

Unlike adults, kids have an extensive imagination. They don’t mind the risk factor. With adults, the pressure and fear factor pops up in all stages that we don’t enjoy the art or its process. Whereas we compete and submit to the pressure. This I believe can be changed over time.


Suganthi : The activity was new to me and I usually like to learn as much as possible through the NC meets. Everyone felt awesome and had different experience while making an art using their own finger instead of any tool. Though I did a simple bird, It came out really well. Thanks for the interesting activity.

Jack : I’ve heard of thumb art, but this is the first time I got to try it. Wow! What many things can be done with the thumb compared to a brush!!

After giving it a try, now I find the brush a little difficult to use as fingers seem to be more comfortable and give a personal touch to the art Thanks to Jeevan for bringing in the new form! Cheers!

IMG-20150830-WA0008Team participated at NC-6