It’s not a goodbye, I’ll come back!

Author : Prakash Kamaraj

I don’t know where to start. I didn’t plan for it. But it happened.

I strongly believe in destiny, it takes us to places. For me, it was Antony Jackson. He took me in his arms, and gave me a lifetime opportunity. Who could dare to refuse? I never believed that I would get a job while still in college. After heading home, I told my dad , the one person who strongly believes in me that I got a job.

I joined Report Bee as an intern. Arvind from Partnerships received me with a warm smile. Yeshwanth granted me the Wi-Fi access. Daniel Doss, encouraged me with his strong words. Anant, I’d call him the coolest CEO on Earth. He handles everything with a smile. He came all the way to parking lot to wish us a safe journey. He never saw us as employee, but as a family, a bee hive. Sudha Ma’am has always been a sweetheart. She treats me like her son, and I get jealous when she calls Titus as “Titu”. Titus is real chilled out guy, deals everything lightly and solves it.

I learnt “How to grab information in a meeting” from Bala. That was my first meeting at Report Bee. Anjan gave me the confidence to learn new things. Anjan and Jack pushed me to take courses for my own growth and I grabbed the certificates with full marks. Directly or indirectly, I learnt something from everyone at Report Bee. There is a lot of positive energy everywhere. I used to be that one silent kid in the office but Manasa taught me to socialise with people.



My First job as a Designer has now become a memory for life. We had ‘Theme Thursdays’ where we followed themes and captured pictures and videos and participated in ‘Fresh Air Meets’ which happens early morning once in a month. When Jack decided to paint the office white, most of the bees jumped in to help.  It was one memorable day.

We had a lot of conversations and life lessons that helped me grow within as a person. The last 10 months here has taught me lessons for life and i know its not going to be the same outside. I’ll miss each and every bee in Report Bee. I’ve wanted my designs all over RB, and I’ve been pretty vocal about it.


I guess I did it! 😀