About Report Bee

Report Bee is created with the vision to get useful and actionable insights from data. While there are software available that can give some of the information, we have found that they are very cumbersome for daily use and decision making.

There is real need for simple but powerful data visualizations that can make information consumption a pleasure.

Education is undergoing rapid changes and a side effect of that is teachers and school managements need to handle a lot of data. Our goal is to make useful insights about the data and present the findings in a simple format for quicker and better decision making.

Here are some of the solutions we are working on:

  1. Can we make report cards fun to read and give useful actionable feedback?
  2. Can we identify trends early and help teachers and parents provide support to students?
  3. Can we develop a holistic measurement of learning and help get insights that otherwise would not be possible?

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