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Boys perform well in Co-ed than single-sex schools

We belong to an era of data science, cognitive psychology and artistic visualization. At Report Bee, we performed an extensive analysis on single sex schools vis-a-vis co-ed schools and found that in Tamil Nadu, boys are performing better in co-ed schools than boys-only schools.

We took the last 4 years data (2012- 2015), and the findings showed us a trend.

In 2015, among the 6258 schools that appeared for the 12th board exams, the pass percentage of boys only schools is 59.8 whereas the pass percentage of girls only schools is 66.2. But in case of the co-ed schools, the pass percentage of boys and girls increases to 63.6 and 66.8 respectively.

In class 12, we found that boys in Co-ed schools on an average scoring 5.3% more than their counterparts in boys-only schools. Through a detailed analysis on each of the revenue districts, we observed a maximum average difference of 13.5% (~162 marks) in a Perambalur.

KANYAKUMARI, DINDIGUL, OOTY, NAMAKKAL, TRICHY, NAGAPATTINAM seem to have boys in boys-only school performing better than Co-ed schools, reason here is these districts are literacy districts and they perform well in any given condition.

When tested on girls in co-ed school and girls only school, there was an increase of 0.6%.It showed that girls are performing better than boys irrespective of being a single sex school or a Co-ed school.

Similarly In class 10, we found that boys in almost all the revenue districts in Tamil Nadu are performing better in Co-ed schools. Except Virudhunagar, all the other districts show a higher performance in average marks scored by the boys studying in co-ed school.

The performance of the students can vary from various reasons like peer pressure, discipline, employability, infrastructure, adolescence and so on.

Tamilnadu 12th Board – Spatial Analysis

12th Std boys12th std girls

Green colored districts are those in which the boys in Co-ed school have obtained a better average% than the boys-only schools. Red colored are the districts where the boys in boys-only schools have scored a higher average% than the Co-ed schools

Tamilnadu 10th Board – Spatial Analysis

10th std boys10th std girls

Spring is here! Join our community!

Date : February 24th

Time: 6 AM

I was home trying to decide what to wear for work. It was a special day at Report Bee and I wanted to look my best!  By chance, I found a new salwar set to wear and got dressed quickly.

I reached office at 8.30 AM. My colleagues, Jayashree and Siddarth were already in. Siddarth, pacing down the hall was trying to keep his cool. I could say he was nervous! The collaboration room was already filled with chairs. Lavanya, was running around to get snacks and tea ready, keeping the necessary stationery required and ensure everything else was in place!

While Rbians were hustling and bustling to make sure everything was perfect, I found a lady dressed in a beautiful blue and pink saree waiting at our office doorstep. I smiled to myself. Yes! We had our first guest coming in. To be sure, I went upto her and enquired,

Me: Hi Mam, Can I help you?

She: yes. Report Bee, right? I am waiting for my other friend to come.

Me:  Oh Sure mam! You may please come and sit inside.

Smiles all over, I got back to my desk waiting for the rest to arrive. One by one they came, got seated and finally we were ready to start!


Siddarth took over the stage and had the entire audience listening to him in rapt attention. That day, I learnt he could actually be loud when he wanted. Halfway through his presentation, slowly a few questions were being raised, discussions starting to take place and we had Ideas popping right up from this astounding audience!

That moment we (and I speak for all RBians present that day) felt WOW! Our small dream was becoming a reality! A dream of having teachers, encouraging discussions among them, giving them a place to speak and share ideas, to make them feel like they were the most important person around!


How did we do this?

Report Bee launched its first teacher workshop for teachers on Data, decisions and beyond. We had 15 teachers from various schools across the city attending the workshop. Through this workshop, teachers learnt the importance of data, how decisions can be made with the help of data and learn the difference between intuition and data driven decision making.


It was important that we, from Report Bee conducted this workshop. When we say ‘we are a data visualization company, we have close to 8000 teachers using our product’, it goes without saying that it is in our hands to ensure that they understand the importance of our product in full and reap it’s benefits!



A small thought became a dream and grew to be a reality. Today, Report Bee can proudly say, we help teachers to discuss, ideate and learn with one another. We are a community. We are a team. Join us. Help us blossom. After all, spring is indeed here!

Sickness at Bay with Thinking Health Card

Author: Chandana

“Don’t eat out, stay at home, rest well!

You shouldn’t fall sick… Exams are approaching!”

This is common advice we hear whenever exams are around the corner. The first thought parents or teachers have during the exam season is – ‘CHILD must stay HEALTHY!’ (However, students can only think about their upcoming (healthy) vacation!).

In any case, exams or not, at every stage of life, good health is a very precious asset, especially for the budding young generation. We at Report Bee already check on many vital aspects concerning a child’s overall growth. Now, we have come to the most significant wellness factor – health, which we also believe has a significant impact on learning.

Current Scenario in Schools

Observing the present day school health camps, we realized that these medical events are only conducted for namesake (or rather, regulation’s-sake) and provide no real actionable insights. Even in schools where they are done properly, the health data is not interpreted rightly to provide maximum benefits to the child. It’s only natural for us to think that something must be done!

Our Strategy

We decided to develop something that should be of minimal effort for schools and doctors, and still sufficiently scrutinise a child’s overall health and increase self-awareness.

Achieving that balance in health forms (i.e. to collect the ‘right’ amount of health information without it becoming a chore) was the biggest challenge. Obviously, when it comes to health, we want to check it ALL – but we can’t really do a ‘Master Health Check-up’ for 5000 students at health camps. This is where we collaborated with eminent doctors from reputed National & International Medical Institutes to help us design concise, yet comprehensive health forms. Following intense analysis and a number of iterations (which would probably be an interesting blog post by itself!), we came up with a neat process-flow that is just about right!

The Ideal Solution – ‘Thinking’ Health Card

Our health protocol is so comprehensive that it encompasses numerous parameters like physical fitness, nutrition, personal hygiene, behaviour and so on. Everything is represented in a typical ‘Report Bee-style’ (read brilliant) output: the ‘Thinking’ Health Card.



 We then took the time to Pilot test our new product. Getting the timing right, we conducted a very productive Health Camp for students who were about to appear for their final-term examinations. With excellent co-operation from doctors, nurses and teachers, it was a promising start for our product.


Conducting Health Camp at School
Report Bee Conducting Health Camp at School
Conducting Health Camp at School
Report Bee Conducting Health Camp at School
Conducting Health Camp at School
Report Bee Conducting Health Camp at School


Powerful Health Data

Harnessing the incredible power of data, Report Bee has pioneered in multi-variant data analysis (with the aim of improving learning, teaching methods and so on). Our latest venture is with one of the most powerful forms of data – health data.

Now that we have meticulously developed the ‘Thinking’ Health Card that helps improve children’s overall health and consequently improves learning, parents and teachers should feel empowered to take the right action at the right timeearly intervention is the key.


The Ideal Solution
The Ideal Solution


Essentially, our vision with the ‘Thinking Health Card’ mirrors the popular saying – ‘A stitch in time saves nine’

To realize the full potential of ‘Thinking’ Health Card, it is crucial that parents, teachers and children constantly stay aware and take swift action on any health requirement that may have come up in Report Bee’s health analysis.

So, shall we start a healthy academic year with Report Bee’s ‘Thinking’ Health Card?

If you are interested, leave a comment below or email us at

                                                       We’ll see you soon!

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