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Report Bee named as one of the fastest growing Edtech companies!

Each year Deloitte recognizes the fastest growing companies in the tech ecosystem. This year, we are proud to be recognized as one of the fastest growing  (33rd to be precise) tech companies. We’re even more proud to carry the Edtech baton at the event.

Five years of hard grind and persistence from the entire team fueled us to this place. The journey undoubtedly is hard, but as starry eyed entrepreneurs, we look forward to that – We have learnt to cherish the uphill climb. We wouldn’t be here, were it not for the people who believed in our vision and gave their unconditional love and support – The Bees who work very hard at Report Bee every day, our Investors, Partners and most importantly the School leaders and Teachers who use our product every  day.

img-20161114-wa0035-1RB team at Deloitte Technology Fast50 event.

These awards are essential milestones in the long entrepreneurial marathon. They give you the much needed energy boost. The last 5 years have brought us to where we are – serving more than 600 schools, a little over half a million children and 10,000 teachers. The possibilities from here are endless…

I end this post, borrowing Robert Frost’s lines, ones that keep floating at Report Bee often,

“  The woods are lovely, dark and deep,

    But I have promises to keep,

    And miles to go before I sleep. ”

Boys perform well in Co-ed than single-sex schools

We belong to an era of data science, cognitive psychology and artistic visualization. At Report Bee, we performed an extensive analysis on single sex schools vis-a-vis co-ed schools and found that in Tamil Nadu, boys are performing better in co-ed schools than boys-only schools.

We took the last 4 years data (2012- 2015), and the findings showed us a trend.

In 2015, among the 6258 schools that appeared for the 12th board exams, the pass percentage of boys only schools is 59.8 whereas the pass percentage of girls only schools is 66.2. But in case of the co-ed schools, the pass percentage of boys and girls increases to 63.6 and 66.8 respectively.

In class 12, we found that boys in Co-ed schools on an average scoring 5.3% more than their counterparts in boys-only schools. Through a detailed analysis on each of the revenue districts, we observed a maximum average difference of 13.5% (~162 marks) in a Perambalur.

KANYAKUMARI, DINDIGUL, OOTY, NAMAKKAL, TRICHY, NAGAPATTINAM seem to have boys in boys-only school performing better than Co-ed schools, reason here is these districts are literacy districts and they perform well in any given condition.

When tested on girls in co-ed school and girls only school, there was an increase of 0.6%.It showed that girls are performing better than boys irrespective of being a single sex school or a Co-ed school.

Similarly In class 10, we found that boys in almost all the revenue districts in Tamil Nadu are performing better in Co-ed schools. Except Virudhunagar, all the other districts show a higher performance in average marks scored by the boys studying in co-ed school.

The performance of the students can vary from various reasons like peer pressure, discipline, employability, infrastructure, adolescence and so on.

Tamilnadu 12th Board – Spatial Analysis

12th Std boys12th std girls

Green colored districts are those in which the boys in Co-ed school have obtained a better average% than the boys-only schools. Red colored are the districts where the boys in boys-only schools have scored a higher average% than the Co-ed schools

Tamilnadu 10th Board – Spatial Analysis

10th std boys10th std girls

Ever Wondered How Bees Communicate? 

Bee Communication

At Report Bee, we believe that effective communication between our bees, i.e. schools, teachers, students and parents that use Report Bee, plays a big role in the ecosystem and has a huge influence on students’ learning. Relevant information to parents regarding what is happening in the school or class, what has been assigned to the students as homework, etc. keeps parents in the loop and pushes them to take the right actions at home. Would relevant information shared just anywhere serve the purpose? We are afraid, not. To be effective, such communications have to be instantaneous and easily accessible to the parent. The problem of access is solved by a device that is always in the hands of the parents (no points for guessing what that is!).

The problem really is that the current communication systems available to schools exist in isolation, totally disconnected from systems which store students’ and parents’ information. The disconnect makes sending information to parents a strenuous task as it requires transferring all contact details from one system to another. To top it, there is an additional exasperating process of selecting parents one by one, or uploading excel sheets of contact details of the recipients.

This is where Report Bee’s novel solution comes in to bridge the gap in the existing communication systems. With an aim of providing a seamless interface for communication between all the various school entities, Report Bee has created Waggle, a specialised SMS sending product for schools! While it is an independent product, it interacts closely with our primary product, Report Bee. The connectedness between Waggle and Report Bee allows for easy communication between the school administrators with all their teachers; and between teachers and parents. Teachers can use Waggle to send information like assessments, marks, homework, general notifications, etc. to the parents of their students in no time.

In keeping with the trademark of Report Bee, Waggle has a simple, elegant design and is particularly user-friendly. In just a matter of seconds and a few clicks, one can compose a message, choose multiple sets of recipients (even from a large number of people in the school), filter the recipients based on various categories, and track history of all messages previously sent. Along with the simplicity of usage, Waggle has also been customised for school usage, with features such as school related access controls, SMS approval before sending, etc.



You can drop a mail at to know more about this product and learn about implementing it in your school.

Did I digress from the subject? After all, what does Waggle have to do with how bees communicate?

Happy Waggle Dancing! (Oops, I might have revealed the answer 🙂 )