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VDI Signs MoU with Gujarat Government

Visual Data Insight had been invited by the Gujarat Informatics Limited to Vibrant Gujarat 2011 to sign MoU with Gujarat Government in the Information Technology sector. I’m proud to say that Visual Data Insight was one among the 7936 companies who signed MoU with Gujarat Government at Vibrant Gujarat 2011.

Gujarat has 8000 + schools, 82,000 + teachers and 18 Lakh students and conducts various programs such as Gunotsav to improve the education system, with the aim to ensure that Gujarat should be among the top three states of the country in terms of student learning. Soul of Report Bee (, the flagship product of Visual Data Insights is to Measure and Improve Learning. Loads of opportunities to work together, great support from

the Gujarat Government, way to go!


The Hindu Captures the Soul of Report Bee

What a start for 2011. Biggest form of energizer for an entrepreneurial venture is when more people share the vision. Report Bee’s soul is about measure and

improve learning, the team is deeply focused on innovating continuously in best measuring techniques and understanding all that is measured in easiest and quickest way. We’re creating systems and tool that makes lives of teachers, educators and learners super easy and effective.

Learning process is going to dramatically change in 7 years. At Report Bee we want to work with as many contributors in this education space to make positive impact.

Here is the link to the article that captures the problems in current education system and why Report Bee is the need of the hour?

Report Bee wins pan India business plan competition conducted by TiE, LIBA, EDI and NEN.

Starting the first post with an exciting news, Report Bee won the 1st prize in pan-India business plan competition espsire 2010. The whole experience was good learning and sharpened our thought process about Report Bee.

We are extremely thankful to the jury, organizers and volutneers of espire 2010. This has charged us to move even faster and create compelling product.

Report Bee team is small just about 3, but we have been showered with support and guidance from many super smart people, which is Report Bee’s true strength.

We are energized to innovate faster.

Here is the snap of us getting the cash award – first revenue stream