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Sickness at Bay with Thinking Health Card

Author: Chandana

“Don’t eat out, stay at home, rest well!

You shouldn’t fall sick… Exams are approaching!”

This is common advice we hear whenever exams are around the corner. The first thought parents or teachers have during the exam season is – ‘CHILD must stay HEALTHY!’ (However, students can only think about their upcoming (healthy) vacation!).

In any case, exams or not, at every stage of life, good health is a very precious asset, especially for the budding young generation. We at Report Bee already check on many vital aspects concerning a child’s overall growth. Now, we have come to the most significant wellness factor – health, which we also believe has a significant impact on learning.

Current Scenario in Schools

Observing the present day school health camps, we realized that these medical events are only conducted for namesake (or rather, regulation’s-sake) and provide no real actionable insights. Even in schools where they are done properly, the health data is not interpreted rightly to provide maximum benefits to the child. It’s only natural for us to think that something must be done!

Our Strategy

We decided to develop something that should be of minimal effort for schools and doctors, and still sufficiently scrutinise a child’s overall health and increase self-awareness.

Achieving that balance in health forms (i.e. to collect the ‘right’ amount of health information without it becoming a chore) was the biggest challenge. Obviously, when it comes to health, we want to check it ALL – but we can’t really do a ‘Master Health Check-up’ for 5000 students at health camps. This is where we collaborated with eminent doctors from reputed National & International Medical Institutes to help us design concise, yet comprehensive health forms. Following intense analysis and a number of iterations (which would probably be an interesting blog post by itself!), we came up with a neat process-flow that is just about right!

The Ideal Solution – ‘Thinking’ Health Card

Our health protocol is so comprehensive that it encompasses numerous parameters like physical fitness, nutrition, personal hygiene, behaviour and so on. Everything is represented in a typical ‘Report Bee-style’ (read brilliant) output: the ‘Thinking’ Health Card.



 We then took the time to Pilot test our new product. Getting the timing right, we conducted a very productive Health Camp for students who were about to appear for their final-term examinations. With excellent co-operation from doctors, nurses and teachers, it was a promising start for our product.


Conducting Health Camp at School
Report Bee Conducting Health Camp at School
Conducting Health Camp at School
Report Bee Conducting Health Camp at School
Conducting Health Camp at School
Report Bee Conducting Health Camp at School


Powerful Health Data

Harnessing the incredible power of data, Report Bee has pioneered in multi-variant data analysis (with the aim of improving learning, teaching methods and so on). Our latest venture is with one of the most powerful forms of data – health data.

Now that we have meticulously developed the ‘Thinking’ Health Card that helps improve children’s overall health and consequently improves learning, parents and teachers should feel empowered to take the right action at the right timeearly intervention is the key.


The Ideal Solution
The Ideal Solution


Essentially, our vision with the ‘Thinking Health Card’ mirrors the popular saying – ‘A stitch in time saves nine’

To realize the full potential of ‘Thinking’ Health Card, it is crucial that parents, teachers and children constantly stay aware and take swift action on any health requirement that may have come up in Report Bee’s health analysis.

So, shall we start a healthy academic year with Report Bee’s ‘Thinking’ Health Card?

If you are interested, leave a comment below or email us at

                                                       We’ll see you soon!

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Our First Student Visitation & A Lesson in Statistics

It was a casual evening around 3 PM and I was waiting at the reception of AMM Matriculation School to meet the Principal, Mahalakshmi Ma’am. As I entered and waited at the reception, there were teachers coming in and going out in hurry, some were signing off their out time (it was the end of that school day), some parents waiting outside to meet teachers and amidst all this some passers-by looking at me, smiling and wondering who I was waiting for. Needless to say, I was indeed doing the same! More in fact; eavesdropping a few conversations, actually! 🙂

There was a phone ringing somewhere in the corner of the room and that brought me back to reality. The receptionist looked and asked me to go and meet the Principal. As I entered the Principal’s office, she (like other school Principals) had a hundred things to attend to, with at least five people entering per minute to get her signatures, discuss  problems, and get her consent on school issues. This was nothing new to me. Having been visiting a lot of schools, I have gotten used to the busy schedules of the Principals.

The meeting ended well, with her bubbly self, always teasing us and ensuring we always leave with a smiling face. While I was leaving, she was looking at insights, one of Report Bee’s smart features and said with a twinkle in her eye, “hey Sharanya! Why don’t we have the AMM kids visiting your office to make them understand how you use data and generate these Report Cards? Will be interesting for them to learn!” I thought to myself, hmmm! Not a bad idea at all! Also we will get to know how well children understand our reports and more importantly if they like them! 🙂

The date was fixed to be 25th March 2015 and it was decided that 90 students from Class 8 will visit Report Bee’s office.  This was something really exciting for us here at Report Bee to plan up and ensure the children leave our office with a smile! 🙂

The purpose of the visit was to get the children to understand statistics and its usage in everyday life, very similar to how Report bee helps schools, teachers and parents to understand the students’ better through data visualization. On 25th March, the students came in 3 different batches of 30 each, one after the other starting at 9:45 AM. We had an activity to explain the concept of Measures of Central Tendency (Mean, Median, and Mode) and how they can be used in everyday life.  We had Arvind explaining the concepts while I just entertained the students with all my talk! It does work at times! 🙂

IMG_2781 IMG_2782 IMG_2769 IMG_2772 IMG_2775

At the end of the each session, all the students left with chocolates and a certificate of participation. It was great to interact with the students and I can certainly say that Report Bee has made them happier. They love their reports! They find it colourful and love the designs! They are also really happy that Grades are shown in place of marks because that that means less lecturing from parents! 🙂

We thank AMM Matriculation School for arranging this visit and the students for visiting our office and interacting with us! A morning well spent for RB-ians! 🙂

Wordathon: Merging Games and Language Development

Author: Sharanya

  • Venue – Check
  • Certificates – Check
  • Banner – Check
  • Cookies – Check! 🙂
  • Games – Double-check!

You guessed it right! Report Bee had yet another event.

Wordathon – Launched by Report Bee and Bambaram, is an annual inter-school competition for students to test their verbal intelligence through a series of interesting and innovative games. The event consists of word based games such as Scrabble, Pictionary, Taboo among many others that would help children to learn more about words. As this was our first year, we decided to see the response from schools in Chennai and only students from classes 3rd, 4th and 5th were allowed to participate this time.

The Prelims

For the prelims, we visited each school to conduct the games. In each school, there were 10 teams with three children each to compete in three rounds of games. The aim was to select two teams per school to compete in the finals.


Santosh (Bambaram) conducting a game during prelims in one of the schools
Santosh (Bambaram) conducting a game during prelims in one of the schools


Children in teams trying to guess the right word
Children in teams trying to guess the right word


The Finals

The Final event was altogether a different experience. Right from fixing the venue to getting a banner ready, we had great fun organizing the event! The Final event was conducted at Bhavan’s Rajaji Vidyashram, Kilpauk Chennai under the able guidance of Ms Jayashree Ravi who really helped us to organize the event smoothly. Thank you, Ma’am! 🙂

The seven schools competing for the Finals were:

  • AMM Matriculation Higher Secondary School
  • Bhavan’s Rajaji Vidyashram
  • Chinmaya Vidyalaya Virugambakkam
  • Ramana Vidyalaya
  • Sri J T Surana Jain Vidyalaya
  • Vana Vani Matriculation Higher Secondary School

We had 2 teams from each school and one teacher accompanying the children (just to ensure they were fine!) The event started at 10 AM sharp,with all the students fresh and eager to compete. The Final even had two rounds of games. The first round was Scattergories, a game similar to Name Place Animal Things. (If you do not know that game, you have indeed missed a great game during your childhood! 🙂 ).

How was Scattergories played: Initially, an alphabet is given to the children. They are then asked to list down one word starting with the alphabet given to them in the categories mentioned. So just for fun, let us have an example:

You have been given the letter “S”. Find below the list of categories that you need to form words starting with the letter “S”. Please mention your answers in the comments section.

The trick in the game is to try and not mention the words that are commonly found. For example, if we have to form a word for “things found in the classroom”, we should skip mentioning the word scale because that is the most commonly thought answer by all under the letter “S”. The answers have to be unique to win in each category! 🙂


If you have tried the game, you might know how difficult it is to guess a unique word that we are sure the opponent will not guess in each category. Imagine 14 teams competing in the finals! But Boy! These children were amazing! We got unique answers for most of the categories from them. They were awesome! 🙂

Children playing Scattergories
Children playing Scattergories

The Much Needed Cookie Break: The finals went on from 10 AM – 1 PM. The children were famished. But thankfully we had a guardian to take care of their hunger. So, right after the first round, we took a break for ten minutes and cookies were distributed to all the children. These were not just plain cookies but cookies from Cookieman, fully sponsored by them!  The cookies certainly helped the children to get energized and be ready for the next round! Thank you so much Cookieman, for feeding everybody that day.  You guys are amazing! 🙂

Children enjoying their chocolate chip cookies from Cookie-man
Children enjoying their chocolate chip cookies from Cookie-man 🙂


The second round was Blindfolded Pictionary. Pictionary by itself is tough. It is a game where one team member must be able to draw out the word picked by him/her on a board in a way that his/her team can guess the word before time runs out. Obviously, the game is easy when you are good at drawing! No points for guessing that in Blindfolded Pictionary, children had to draw with their eyes blindfolded. In each team, one participant had to draw out five words blindfolded while the other two had to make the guesses.  This round was good fun but it also drained out the children after all that thinking! 🙂

Children playing round 2 : Blindfolded Pictionary
Children playing round 2 : Blindfolded Pictionary

Another Break to Pumping More Sweetness: Second round of cookies were given to get them energized again before the results were announced. 🙂

The Winners of Wordathon 2015 Event

Mr Ajeeth Prasath Jain, Senior Principal of Bhavan’s Rajaji Vidyashram, an extremely humble person (given his stature) readily agreed to give away the prizes when we approached him. Today, he is one of the most inspiring Principals who other schools look upto. We were truly lucky to have him among us to give away the prizes on that day. Thank you so much, Ajeeth Sir! Report Bee loves you!

Bhavan’s Rajaji Vidyashram’s children were too good! Having guessed all the 5 words during the Blindfolded Pictionary round well within the stipulated time, they had to win! They got winner certificates along with the prize.

Winners of the wordathon 2015: Bhavan's Rajaji Vidyashram posing with Ajeeth Sir and Jayshree Ma'am
Winners of the wordathon 2015: Bhavan’s Rajaji Vidyashram posing with Ajeeth Sir and Jayshree Ma’am


The Second and the Third prize went to the two teams of Vana Vani Matriculation Higher Secondary School. Those children had amazing coordination to guess while drawing. Truly well played!

Children from Vana Vani Matriculation School with the Wordathon team
Children from Vana Vani Matriculation School with the Wordathon team

The Winners

All the children present at the venue competing at the finals got participation certificates along with the unlimited cookies from our favourite Cookieman!:)

Conducting an event like Wordathon with children made the organizing team learn how much word play is important for children. Besides being fun to play, there is a lot of learning for a child through such games. This is the sphere where games and learning converge on language development. Such events can be recorded as data points for the children on Report Bee.  These will, in-turn, help the parents, students and teachers understand their children’s innate abilities and potential. Wordathon helps Report Bee get closer to its core vision in a big way.