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Non Creative Meet 3 – Glass painting and Shilpakar art

Author: Suganthi P

In my office, everyone is sure to be occupied in their work throughout the week. But On May 26, 2015, my whole team was eagerly waiting to learn some new art work. Usually it is  monotonous, but this time our two Craft Masters (Jaishri and dhivya who conducted the session) got us engaged in almost three activities like Glass Painting, shilpakar, Art using Ice cream sticks. First, Hearty thanks for the event and for letting us stay behind our creative work on that day. I am grateful for the reasonable time, and the extremely beneficial day of Our Non Creative Meet for Glass Painting. I have learnt and really understood my brushes and how they work. I feel confident, inspired to start exploring with painting…

Materials we used for the colorful activity :


Everyone had their hands over all three activities. It is very hard to put into words. Because everyone was amazing me with their painting and I am proud of what we achieved in the event. We were able to step out of our comfort zone and try new art that has greatly increased our confidence in glass painting.

My team:

The team!
The team!

Feedback from a person who was new on the board:

“It was such a brilliant time. I clearly understood the way they explained and so was interested to implement my creativity in glass painting. I was looking at each and everyone at the event and they surprised me with awesome talents. Everybody took the materials, implemented their mind and made those materials into innovative one. From my childhood, I have been very much interested in creative work, but I never thought that my work place itself will become a platform for it.”

Feedback from those who conducted the session:

This would have not have been possible without your interest. You guys are the reason behind the success. I have never heard of such activity in any office. All credit goes to Non Creative Team.

Our Colorful Outcome:

Here it is!
Here it is!

I hope that my team learnt three new craft works. Thanks for the mixup events and logistics you have planned for this event.

And here we are!
And here we are!

Creation Cricket League

We do love cricket. Just like Obama worries why US productivity goes down by 5% when Sachin bats, our productivity too goes down when some tournament is going on. We may be so-called nerds, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t having any coffee-break talks on cricket. But, if you are expecting this article to be some “pure cricket” article about Sachin’s paddle-sweep or Dhoni’s helicopter-shot or some cricket matches that are played by the RB Creation Team, then you will be disappointed.

This article is purely on how we leverage the sport to keep ourselves (Creation Team) creative, motivated and inspired. Above all, it keeps us in love with what we do.

As a Creation Team member, nothing is more exciting than:

  • Solving challenging problems with software programming (or)
  • Observing our customers consume our freshly brewed coffee … er,  code (or)
  • Getting into new challenges (projects).

Usually, by the general psychology of a developer, their motivation, interest or productivity reduces when a project duration increases. The project may become big or tasks may become monotonous.

All Project Managers, remember the formula: Productivity is inversely proportional to project duration or monolithicity of project.

Project vs Productivity

To avoid this we came up with three ideologies for approaching new projects.

“Test Match” Projects

These generally take 10-14 days for completion.

Any big project which we do – we logically separate it to smaller projects in such a way that the longest small project won’t exceed a duration which will make the developers lose interest. Instead of bombarding developers with the entire mission impossible target, we set smaller targets for the metaphorical morning session, post-lunch session and post-tea session. This keeps the developer’s mindset focused and clear. Generally, one to three Creation Team members are involved in these projects.

“The ODI” Projects

These generally take one to three days for completion.

These are usually small enhancements or feature requests from the customers or internal requirements. We sometimes take up these projects between Test Match projects so that the developers get an opportunity to refresh their minds for the next one. Generally, one to two Creation Team members are involved in these projects.

“The T20” Projects

We call these 111 Projects: One Day, One Team, One Challenge.

We sometimes stop all regular projects for a day. On that day, we take up one fresh project that would normally take around 14 days to one month for completion by a small team. The entire Creation Team sits together at the start of the day (we start really early on that day 🙂 ) and does everything.

  • Ideation.
  • Features brainstorming and freezing.
  • Wireframe.
  • Design.
  • Dev plan; smart task separation / delegation.
  • Front end architecture and development.
  • Back end architecture and development.

That is pretty much everything related to a project execution. It’s kind of a pure fun slogging where we might face unexpected turns and bounces in the wickets. We keep this project a secret from the other teams (Happiness and Growth). At the end of the day (a really looong day), we have something to surprise them and our customers with.

The “Practice Sessions”

Do we only play matches? No! Along with these projects, support tickets and small bugs are bound to come along. Usually, these won’t take more than one to two hours for completion. All developers are bound to work on such tickets along with their regular matches. They do these ticket/bug fixes either at the start or end of the day so that they can stay focused on their important match.

Till now, we are happy with this approach and the team is winning matches. All this can be brought down to one quote by God:

Any active sportsman has to be very focused; you’ve got to be in the right frame of mind. If your energy is diverted in various directions, you do not achieve the results. I need to know when to switch on and switch off: and the rest of the things happen around that.” – Sachin Tendulkar

Do you follow something different at your workplace? Do you have suggestions for us? Let us know below.