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Chaos, My new found Friend!

Jallikattu is the word of the month in Chennai. Before January 2017, this word just meant the sport played during Pongal in Tamil Nadu. But today, this word for many means Positivity, Strength, unity, Protest, Victory and Chaos. Personally, I do not know which word to associate myself with and I am nonchalant about this whole issue. I assumed the protests to end on Sunday (22nd Jan) as a fresh week was ahead and also the news articles were claiming that protesters were asked to leave that night! I am positive that the breed I belonged to, assumed the protests would end and planned their Monday just the way I did!

I had a school visit scheduled for Monday and I left the Report Bee office around 10:30 AM with Pallavi.  We managed to reach our destination well before the expected time and had a successful visit. I love visiting schools just for their infrastructure and feel.

As we came out of our meeting from the school, we heard about the protests being continued in the city. The well-organized silent protests had suddenly become violent! We got news that the ice house police station vehicles was burnt and there was complete chaos in the city!

Obviously, reading news like this, Pallavi and I wanted to head back to office immediately! We booked a cab and left for office. The cab driver, was an active participant of the protests. He had an A4 Sheet of paper stuck in his car saying “I SUPPORT JALLIKATTU” with a picture of the bull. On reading the news and looking at his active participation, I started having a conversation about what was happening. Our conversations were constantly interrupted with calls coming in, giving us updates on what was happening in each area and families asking us to get home soon.  With one of the calls the driver got, I overheard him saying he was heading straight back home! (I had to find out if he stayed near Kotturpuram. Just to make sure!)

Me: “Anna, where do you stay?”

Driver: “Ponneri! You guys get down here! I am going home.”

Me: (attempt of creating a sentimental dialogue) “Anna, 2 girls travelling alone. We do not know this area also. Only you can drop us safely. Please reconsider and drop us!”

Driver: “No Madam. I need to get home! I am sorry!”

Me: “Alright. Please drop us at the nearby bus stand atleast. Incase, we do not get another cab, we can take the bus back!”

We managed to book another cab and reach office safely. On our way, we spotted a lot of route diversions causing traffic. Protests were happening in all areas! I have never felt unsafe in Chennai. But, that day at 1:00 PM in the afternoon I did!

I decided to leave home as soon as I reached office. Manasa (a new joinee in Report Bee) and I decided to walk it back home.

Walking back home I noticed that 100’s of people were stuck on the road, waiting patiently, not knowing what to do. The exact same situation I faced few hours back while coming back from the school visit. Just as how I felt unsafe, I realised that all these people waiting will be feeling the same too! I decided to spread some cheer and positivity as I was passing by and do my bit to ease tension. Here are the things I did on my way:

  • Since I love to talk, I stopped and chatted with as many people as I could. My favourite of the lot was meeting an aunt and uncle waiting to go to Thiruvanmiyur. (Something told me they were on their way to see a potential bride/groom. Don’t ask me why! :)) Their car was stuck right in the middle. So, while I was talking to them, I told them to step out and get some tea from the nearby tea shop, in case they got hungry . They thought I was really sweet and cute suggesting that. I didn’t know how to tell them I was serious!
  • I met a lot of my friends on the way. Funny way to catch up with long lost people! 🙂 I met my very own class teacher who taught accounts in class 12. She used to be one of my favourites! The joy I had while meeting her on the way was such a happy moment for me!
  • We spotted so many vehicles still finding their way to Kotturpuram to head to various areas (Adyar, airport mainly). Manasa and I managed to get as many people as we could to reroute and find another way. They all thanked us and were grateful for the updates!

Yes, Chennai was chaotic on 23rd January. Yes, I did feel unsafe. But I learnt that given any situation there is always some positivity that can be created and I am happy my new friend taught me that.

Spring is here! Join our community!

Date : February 24th

Time: 6 AM

I was home trying to decide what to wear for work. It was a special day at Report Bee and I wanted to look my best!  By chance, I found a new salwar set to wear and got dressed quickly.

I reached office at 8.30 AM. My colleagues, Jayashree and Siddarth were already in. Siddarth, pacing down the hall was trying to keep his cool. I could say he was nervous! The collaboration room was already filled with chairs. Lavanya, was running around to get snacks and tea ready, keeping the necessary stationery required and ensure everything else was in place!

While Rbians were hustling and bustling to make sure everything was perfect, I found a lady dressed in a beautiful blue and pink saree waiting at our office doorstep. I smiled to myself. Yes! We had our first guest coming in. To be sure, I went upto her and enquired,

Me: Hi Mam, Can I help you?

She: yes. Report Bee, right? I am waiting for my other friend to come.

Me:  Oh Sure mam! You may please come and sit inside.

Smiles all over, I got back to my desk waiting for the rest to arrive. One by one they came, got seated and finally we were ready to start!


Siddarth took over the stage and had the entire audience listening to him in rapt attention. That day, I learnt he could actually be loud when he wanted. Halfway through his presentation, slowly a few questions were being raised, discussions starting to take place and we had Ideas popping right up from this astounding audience!

That moment we (and I speak for all RBians present that day) felt WOW! Our small dream was becoming a reality! A dream of having teachers, encouraging discussions among them, giving them a place to speak and share ideas, to make them feel like they were the most important person around!


How did we do this?

Report Bee launched its first teacher workshop for teachers on Data, decisions and beyond. We had 15 teachers from various schools across the city attending the workshop. Through this workshop, teachers learnt the importance of data, how decisions can be made with the help of data and learn the difference between intuition and data driven decision making.


It was important that we, from Report Bee conducted this workshop. When we say ‘we are a data visualization company, we have close to 8000 teachers using our product’, it goes without saying that it is in our hands to ensure that they understand the importance of our product in full and reap it’s benefits!



A small thought became a dream and grew to be a reality. Today, Report Bee can proudly say, we help teachers to discuss, ideate and learn with one another. We are a community. We are a team. Join us. Help us blossom. After all, spring is indeed here!

Whose life am I living: Part 2

Author: Kanmaniselvan

With the resolve that I’m going to be who I am the day went on quite fine and I found my mom preparing dinner. I found myself moved to tears, but not from the emotions, but from the onions my mother was chopping. Me from the past would’ve yelled at my mom for making me teary eyed but the new I didn’t do that. I didn’t speak a word and even went on to help her. Mom was surprised and soon she started opening up about the things happening in the household. She was genuinely happy, and soon I was teary eyed again, but this time from the emotions welled up inside me. During dinner, I appreciated mom for the delicious dishes she had put up. This made her really happy. See what a good word could do to people!

Soon it was TV time and mom took control of the TV to watch her soaps. I asked her, “Doesn’t this seem boring to you? Always family fight, tears. Ma, please change the channel”. My mom looked at me and asked, “All day, you keep doing something with your phone.Do I ask anything?” I remained silent and decided never to interfere again. I kept watching the serial and even started to enjoy it. The next day I decided to break my home routine (Eat, sleep, TV and Repeat). I’m from an agricultural background and have farm lands and I decided to take a lonely walk, bare footed.I considered myself as the Christopher McCandless of “Into the Wild” movie. The movie’s plot is about a guy from a prestigious family who feels that everything was unreal to his heart. He quits everything and sets out on an adventurous trip to Alaska. I took a stick in hand and started to walk and the farms looked so beautiful, filled with peace.I listened to the crows, squirrels, frogs and observed their activities. I was completely lost in it. On that night, I slept in the open terrace watching, counting the stars up in the sky and admiring the beauty of the Moon. I felt my body and mind at peace.

The rest of my holidays were spent like this with my mind longing to discover the adventure and joy in everything. For me adventure is not just in tying a rope to my legs and jumping upside down from a Cliff, but it’s in trying new and different things. Like doing something new in our daily routine, like trying out a new chocolate or taking a new route to the office or buying and experiencing new stuffs. I believe this is the thought that keeps me alive and thrilled. Here’s one of my recent adventures – One Sunday morning, I went out to the beach using public transport. I bought the one-day pass which allows me to travel in any public vehicle all through the day. But I decided to take rest and head home. When I reached my bus stop I realized the pass I had was free for the entire day and anyone can use it (name won’t be written on it). I set a task for myself to find a stranger and give the pass so someone can use it. I got near to people waiting at the stop and thought of asking around if anyone would need the pass but I couldn’t. I was afraid about how they’d react. Even though I never gave the pass to anyone the act was very thrilling.

One of my friends, shared a video.

He also mentioned a fantastic line in that video, “It’s always better to regret something after doing it rather than regretting without doing it, because by doing something, even if you don’t gain anything, you will gain experience”.

                Life doesn’t run like a pre-programmed machine. You can’t expect what is next. We all run behind something, whether its money or pride or happiness or pleasure, we all try to preserve it for the future and forget to live in the present moment. In the far distant future, when you turn back and see, you would really see yourself as a race horse trained to run in a pre-determined track. And the scary thing is, you wouldn’t know who you are and what you did for most of your life. You might be a successful person, but you  wouldn’t have lived your own life. So stop running behind something, start enjoying and admiring the things around you. Never allow anyone to determine other than you. We all live with some kind of shortcomings; it can be physical or mental. Love to live with it. I learnt this and it taught me how beautiful life is and how gifted we are. Like Stephen Hawking said, ‘Where there is life, there is hope’. With that hope, stay strong and Invincible. And finally, Find your freedom and Live your life.