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Non Creative Meet 4 – Waste Materials Craft Work

Author : Daniel


Where fear fades, there life blooms.

Sure, fear creates a blocks in human’s life. my fears were at its peak

Why was I scared?

        Not once ,twice but thrice the non creative sessions have gone wonderfully and it is the fourth time and it is my turn , creativity. Technically, I’m conducting the 4th Non – Creative Meetup. I have to prove myself , my talent and creativity . But I don’t  know how . I had only one thought;  by not wasting their time I have to show them “Nothing is waste”.


  1. Name: After giving  a deep thought into what I should name the whole concept , I named it

“Waste Material Craft Work “( I stole it from the internet !!!).

  1. I segregated the materials into two

The things I have to buy

The things that I have to collect from my home .

 At last I had a bag full of goodies. I patted myself saying well begun is half done.

  1. I carried my bag and started from my home to the venue, IIFL, 6th floor,  AMEEX OFFICE.


       26th June 2015 – it was a Friday evening, yes the moment has arrived, the moment I anticipated, the moment I rehearsed many times , the moment I was waiting for .It  was the occasion in which I have to prove that I am creative in a Non creative meet . Amidst all this tension , my girl friend advised (ordered)  me to dress properly and there is no escape from her word .I did that too. Numbers are flowing in my mind, and i realized that a big crowd is waiting to attend my Non creative activity especially on that day. Fear and joy was flourishing inside me.

       Everyone was gathered in the terrace, people took their own time to settle down, but once they got comfortable, everyone’s attention was towards Suganthi. She gave a brief introduction about NC and gave the stage to me I was nervous  and terrified , mouth was in silent mode and the body was in vibrant mode.

report bee NC

           At last I gathered  all the strength I can and opened, my laptop and started my presentation , as soon as the first slide appeared on screen the whole crowd burst out laughing .The slide was funny , I made sure that they laugh, so that I can start my presentation with a happy note . My mind voice said “People are happy. Start it”.

My Concept :

         My idea is very simple. Some of the things that would otherwise end up in the dustbin make great material for craft projects. Creating new thing out of waste is very satisfying, and the possibilities are almost endless.  So I have developed a habit of saving things.  I started making art especially “Name Board” out of recycled materials. My thoughts are here

report bee NC1

Team Involvement:

120 mins passed still the activity continued, even the sun finished its job and left for its home and it was dark everywhere, but the involvement and the interest of the participants kept me going.

report bee NC2

Nothing is a waste, when we give our thought and potential a form even waste materials can be transformed into masterpieces. Our NC members got hold of the thought and made amazing art works out of waste materials.

I got feedback about my Session from a new Bee.


Non creative gives unique meaning in english and tamil. Thats crazy to watch all creative stuffs of Daniel for the first time. As It was my first NC meet i was on observing things happening around me.Then I started to do a name board with the help of Daniel. Colours and paint brushes remind me of my childhood memories. I was inspired and am waiting for next meetups.

report bee NC3

At last, Without the Non Creative Team’s involvement, I would not have achieved this .



Non Creative Meet 3 – Glass painting and Shilpakar art

Author: Suganthi P

In my office, everyone is sure to be occupied in their work throughout the week. But On May 26, 2015, my whole team was eagerly waiting to learn some new art work. Usually it is  monotonous, but this time our two Craft Masters (Jaishri and dhivya who conducted the session) got us engaged in almost three activities like Glass Painting, shilpakar, Art using Ice cream sticks. First, Hearty thanks for the event and for letting us stay behind our creative work on that day. I am grateful for the reasonable time, and the extremely beneficial day of Our Non Creative Meet for Glass Painting. I have learnt and really understood my brushes and how they work. I feel confident, inspired to start exploring with painting…

Materials we used for the colorful activity :


Everyone had their hands over all three activities. It is very hard to put into words. Because everyone was amazing me with their painting and I am proud of what we achieved in the event. We were able to step out of our comfort zone and try new art that has greatly increased our confidence in glass painting.

My team:

The team!
The team!

Feedback from a person who was new on the board:

“It was such a brilliant time. I clearly understood the way they explained and so was interested to implement my creativity in glass painting. I was looking at each and everyone at the event and they surprised me with awesome talents. Everybody took the materials, implemented their mind and made those materials into innovative one. From my childhood, I have been very much interested in creative work, but I never thought that my work place itself will become a platform for it.”

Feedback from those who conducted the session:

This would have not have been possible without your interest. You guys are the reason behind the success. I have never heard of such activity in any office. All credit goes to Non Creative Team.

Our Colorful Outcome:

Here it is!
Here it is!

I hope that my team learnt three new craft works. Thanks for the mixup events and logistics you have planned for this event.

And here we are!
And here we are!

Non Creative Meetup #2 – Rock Painting

Clocking is ticking at 2pm on 16th April 2015. I still haven’t decided the activity for tomorrow. I am under little bit of pressure since I took up the responsibility to conduct the activity. But I am confident of doing a good job. I have been hunting around for various activities. Two main criteria for me to select an activity are

  1. Activity should be simple and engaging
  2. At the end of activity, each member should take the creative work back and place it on their work desk.

With this approach in mind, I shortlisted three activities

  1. Custom Mouse Pad based on Pixel Art
  2. Creating a design with waste DVDs
  3. Painting on pebbles (Rock Painting)

First two activities require some special materials and some pre-work to be done. So I zeroed in on activity 3 Rock Painting, which requires just paint, brush and pebble. And above all painting is fun. To know more about Rock Painting, google it. There is no limit to what can be achieved.

Buying Materials:

Left the office little early and bought 1 acrylic paint box (12 colours) and 13 brushes in 3 different sizes. Roughly spent around 250 bucks. I thought I can buy pebbles from local aquarium shop. I also have a backup plan for pebbles – My office has large number of pebbles in flower pots 😉

Meetup Day:

Next day the meetup started around 3pm. Last meetup we had 7 people, but this time around the number doubled. Its a large crowd, good for the Non Creative Club. Suganthi (Group Manager) started the meetup welcoming new members. Each new member introduced themselves with their interest and experience in arts and crafts. Its time for real action.

I started explaining about activity for the day ROCK PAINTING. Nobody has ever done this before and everybody was in wow when I showed some sample pics. The best part is the person who is conducting this activity (myself) is also the first-timer. That’s the beauty of being part of the Non Creative Club.

[In pic: What can be achieved though this activity]

Get Hands Dirty

To make sure the floor doesn’t get dirty with paint spilling, we covered it with waste newspapers. Now nothing can stop us from getting our hands dirty with paint. We split ourselves into 4 teams since we were slightly short of brushes. Each team grouped together and brainstormed the idea for painting. In about 30 mins almost everybody was seen with a pebble and a brush in their hand. It became an individual activity from team activity. Such was the enthusiasm people showed.


[In pic: Brainstorming]

Bring Down The Curtain:

It was an extremely fun atmosphere. People got soaked into the activity. Most of the people went on to paint even two pebbles. I got busy with my own painting. I painted a Monster and a Night Sky. Hours went by quickly and it was when clock struck 6pm we realised its time to bring down the curtain. We packed all materials and cleaned up the area.

We finally consolidated all the creative work. I must confess that I was in total awe looking at them. I never expected such quality output since this being first time for everybody. It looked so colourful. Kudos to each and everyone one. It was an evening to remember and everyone thoroughly enjoyed it.

[In pic: Team striking a pose with their painted pebbles]

Feedback From The Team:

I collected few feedbacks from the team.

Jack enthusiastically said

“Our usual famous phrase ‘Lets Rock the Show’. Really meaning to this Phrase was proved at the 2nd NON-CREATIVE meetup. Rock Painting by Karan – We rocked the show :)”

Young Mothi opened up with a wide smile

“I could not even imagine how creativity can be brought out from stones in and around you! Second meet up turned all the stones colourful. Was a great and vibrant meet up.”

Manager Suganthi echoed

“I never had an experience in painting until that activity. So I was instructed by my team and started to paint. But end of the meeting, I was thrilled with the result of my first painting. So I felt that trying something new always has its hurdles. But once you get over them, it’s often smooth sailing. Had a fun and fantastic activity.”

Thank you all for participating in this activity.

If you think you are the kind of person who is not creative and hesitant to participate in our meetup, then you are the person we are looking for. You should definitely come and join us in the next meetup, because we are just like you. Together we will travel the path towards creativity.