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 Crossroads: For a Stronger Connection with Our Users

Why Crossroads?

Have you ever tried to understand how people perceive you? Do they understand just the way you want them to or do you need to put in more effort to get them to follow you?

Living is an art, a skill, a technique. You need to learn and practice it as you would a game or a musical instrument” – SWAMI PARTHASARTHY

Understanding something is also a technique. When we bring out a product, there is so much thought that goes into it, the design, the look and the feel. There are so many more unknown factors that we need to understand while creating a product that is used by a large and diverse group of people.

Report Bee, currently serves 132 schools, with over 5000 teachers using the software. Today, we can proudly say that on an average we have 600 users logging in daily to use our software. Our software has an array of products created to help teachers maintain their data about students better.  As of today, teachers can use the following features:

  • Records– to input all of students’ performance data
  • Insights– to analyse and compare results at all levels in an instant
  • Registries– to view consolidated results in one sheet
  • Report Cards– to generate personalised insightful reports for each student
  • Attendance– to easily manage daily attendance
  • Health Card– to be proactive about students’ health
  • Waggle, SMS– to communicate efficiently with parents
  • Parent Portal– where parents can view insights of their wards

Report Bee works with the vision to help the teachers record data easily by creating different features. As the days go by, we keep creating more and more features in the belief that they are going to be extremely useful for the teachers. Beliefs can sometimes be divorced from reality, especially with inadequate communication.

So, one day, we stopped and questioned our own assumptions:

  • Are the features really as useful as we deem them to be?
  • Are the teachers using them just the way we imagine or…?
  • Do we need to improve the feature and how?

In essence, we thought it was time to try and understand what the users really wanted in comparison to what we were offering them, and bridge any gaps that existed in effective usage of the software in its entirety.  We were convinced that it was time to see how the existing features were being used before creating new ones. It is one thing to create a feature, but having teachers not using them is the worst that could happen to us!

The Memorable Journey

Forming the Team: With this thought in mind, we formed a team to unearth the truth, calling the project CROSSROADS. The team from Report Bee was assisted by Wankai to conduct this user experience study. Wankai is an innovation-consulting firm that helps organizations and companies strive towards newer possibilities in their arena. They helped Report Bee to structure the entire process and implement the project. Thanks guys! The learning for us has been immense! 🙂 The final core Team of Crossroads included Jack, Jayashree, Karthik, Sharanya (from Report Bee) and Brijesh and Varun (from Wankai).

Crossroads Team all Set for Interviews!
Crossroads Team all Set for Interviews!


Visiting Schools for Interviews: The team then started the Crossroads journey. With a process in place, we visited 14 of Report Bee schools and interviewed the key stakeholders –Principals, teachers, students, parents, extended families. For each of the stakeholders, we had a list of exhaustive questions created by the team under Wankai’s guidance. For example, if the respondent was a parent, in all likelihood, he/she would have received the Report Bee report cards generated by the school. So, they were questioned about how well they understood their child’s reports.    Similarly, if the respondent were a teacher or a Principal, questions were based on the usage of the product besides understanding the Report Bee report cards.

An interview in progress with a Principal
An interview in progress with a Principal


We also, interviewed other educational stakeholders to understand their perceptions of our product.

All in all, we conducted close to 70 interviews spread over a span of 2 months. Phew! It was a marathon run for the Crossroads Team but travelling is always fun when done in a group! And the Crossroads Team enjoyed it even more as it was heartening to get real feedback on the product. Of course, all our travels included a day of sight-seeing! 🙂

Crossroads Team sight-seeing :)
Crossroads Team Sight-seeing 🙂

Making Sense and Incorporation of the Feedback: When all the interviews were completed, the Team (under Wankai’s assistance and guidance) rigorously and patiently went through all the interviews to make sense of each of the feedback to gather and compile the information. It was nice to see a coherent picture emerge out of this exhaustive process. Further, suggestions and domain expertise were used to improvise the product with further enhancements to reach the need of the educational stakeholders.

Crossroads Team Compiling Feedback and Discussing Findings
Crossroads Team Compiling Feedback and Discussing Findings

Wrap up with Surprises: The Crossroads findings were finally presented to the entire Team at Report Bee in a grand ceremony, marking it a significant day in the journey of Report Bee. What could be more important to us than introspecting our product and aiming to give the best quality to our users? 🙂 The whole Team had a fun day-out to absorb and discuss the findings. Facing reality sometimes can be hard, but when taken in the right way, it can lead to more positive solutions. This is exactly what happened to us at Report Bee.

Fun and Final Presentation to Report Bee Team at a Beach House ;)
Fun and Final Presentation to Report Bee Team at a Beach House 😉

We thank all the schools and teachers for having given us their valuable feedback. Today, thanks to Crossroads, we have become bigger and better in serving our teachers, understanding their needs and continuously learning in process! We will definitely be back for a bigger learning next year!



Ever Wondered How Bees Communicate? 

Bee Communication

At Report Bee, we believe that effective communication between our bees, i.e. schools, teachers, students and parents that use Report Bee, plays a big role in the ecosystem and has a huge influence on students’ learning. Relevant information to parents regarding what is happening in the school or class, what has been assigned to the students as homework, etc. keeps parents in the loop and pushes them to take the right actions at home. Would relevant information shared just anywhere serve the purpose? We are afraid, not. To be effective, such communications have to be instantaneous and easily accessible to the parent. The problem of access is solved by a device that is always in the hands of the parents (no points for guessing what that is!).

The problem really is that the current communication systems available to schools exist in isolation, totally disconnected from systems which store students’ and parents’ information. The disconnect makes sending information to parents a strenuous task as it requires transferring all contact details from one system to another. To top it, there is an additional exasperating process of selecting parents one by one, or uploading excel sheets of contact details of the recipients.

This is where Report Bee’s novel solution comes in to bridge the gap in the existing communication systems. With an aim of providing a seamless interface for communication between all the various school entities, Report Bee has created Waggle, a specialised SMS sending product for schools! While it is an independent product, it interacts closely with our primary product, Report Bee. The connectedness between Waggle and Report Bee allows for easy communication between the school administrators with all their teachers; and between teachers and parents. Teachers can use Waggle to send information like assessments, marks, homework, general notifications, etc. to the parents of their students in no time.

In keeping with the trademark of Report Bee, Waggle has a simple, elegant design and is particularly user-friendly. In just a matter of seconds and a few clicks, one can compose a message, choose multiple sets of recipients (even from a large number of people in the school), filter the recipients based on various categories, and track history of all messages previously sent. Along with the simplicity of usage, Waggle has also been customised for school usage, with features such as school related access controls, SMS approval before sending, etc.



You can drop a mail at growth@reportbee.com to know more about this product and learn about implementing it in your school.

Did I digress from the subject? After all, what does Waggle have to do with how bees communicate?

Happy Waggle Dancing! (Oops, I might have revealed the answer 🙂 )