It’s not a goodbye, I’ll come back!

Author : Prakash Kamaraj

I don’t know where to start. I didn’t plan for it. But it happened.

I strongly believe in destiny, it takes us to places. For me, it was Antony Jackson. He took me in his arms, and gave me a lifetime opportunity. Who could dare to refuse? I never believed that I would get a job while still in college. After heading home, I told my dad , the one person who strongly believes in me that I got a job.

I joined Report Bee as an intern. Arvind from Partnerships received me with a warm smile. Yeshwanth granted me the Wi-Fi access. Daniel Doss, encouraged me with his strong words. Anant, I’d call him the coolest CEO on Earth. He handles everything with a smile. He came all the way to parking lot to wish us a safe journey. He never saw us as employee, but as a family, a bee hive. Sudha Ma’am has always been a sweetheart. She treats me like her son, and I get jealous when she calls Titus as “Titu”. Titus is real chilled out guy, deals everything lightly and solves it.

I learnt “How to grab information in a meeting” from Bala. That was my first meeting at Report Bee. Anjan gave me the confidence to learn new things. Anjan and Jack pushed me to take courses for my own growth and I grabbed the certificates with full marks. Directly or indirectly, I learnt something from everyone at Report Bee. There is a lot of positive energy everywhere. I used to be that one silent kid in the office but Manasa taught me to socialise with people.



My First job as a Designer has now become a memory for life. We had ‘Theme Thursdays’ where we followed themes and captured pictures and videos and participated in ‘Fresh Air Meets’ which happens early morning once in a month. When Jack decided to paint the office white, most of the bees jumped in to help.  It was one memorable day.

We had a lot of conversations and life lessons that helped me grow within as a person. The last 10 months here has taught me lessons for life and i know its not going to be the same outside. I’ll miss each and every bee in Report Bee. I’ve wanted my designs all over RB, and I’ve been pretty vocal about it.


I guess I did it! 😀

Big Data – How ‘Big’ is the data in Education?

Author: Manasa Raghuram

Big Data. Two simple words. When I first heard these words I wondered how much ‘Big’ data can education really have? And as I started working a year ago on Partnerships at Report Bee, I gradually realised that there is vast amount of educational data available for every student. But, was this being put to good use? After all, the data’s worth lies in the interpretation and the subsequent action, isn’t it?

School education, as we know, has evolved dramatically over the years. It is not just academics now. Schools offer many different programs ranging from life skills, leadership, robotics to yoga.  So, we have all this rich student data available with us: How do schools essentially make use of this?  With Report Bee in schools now, many different beautiful, insightful report cards are made possible at the click of a button!

Low income schools :

What happens with such vast education data in low income schools supported by impact organizations? More often students’ progress in those schools is never tracked since such data sets are unstructured, cluttered and lack insights. It is cumbersome to maintain and over a period of time this can lead to data loss when stored as hard copies or excel sheets.

Let’s consider a student named Priya. During Priya’s school life, she would have a unique data set related to her: general records with academics,daily attendance, health, co scholastic records, standardized test scores and so on . This in turn, becomes a huge data set for many students like Priya under an impact organization.

What if this huge unstructured, but extremely valuable education data is mined? Let’s for a moment, forget the analysis that can happen across the spectrum and focus on the students. We would be able to find simple patterns in student’s learning, allowing us to gain a deeper understanding of the individual academic performances and the factors influencing them which would in turn enable us to design more effective intervention programs.

What does Report Bee do?

The Partnerships team decided to actively foray into this new vertical to see how we can do what we do to help the many Impact Organizations in Education to make sense of the huge datasets they have.

So, What does Report Bee do for impact organizations?


Large Unstructured Education Data + Report Bee = Meaningful, Actionable Insights

Yes, we precisely do the above. The data given to Report Bee can be of any format, a text file, a comma separated file, a microsoft access database or any other format. Report Bee’s analytics engine is designed in a way to read these files of different formats and create insightful reports, that is visualized aesthetically for quicker and easy understanding.

Often times, different organizations have very specific objectives and have the need for a unique set of reports. That is when our data team steps in, providing customized visualizations with drilled down information regarding students’performance across subjects and across years. This can help organizations know the impact of their program on the students’ learning.

We know that the Best Decisions are Data Informed Decisions.

This information dissemination has in turn, helped the donors and other stakeholders with efficient capital allocation, eventually improving student learning.

Report Bee is all set to help create an impact in students’ learning by transforming how education data is read, understood, visualised and acted upon.

Big Data. Two small words with a big promise for education.

Whose life am I living: Part 1

 Author: Kanmaniselvan

It had been a long time since I went home. I took four days off from work and reached home. The usual ‘home’ routine followed. Eating, watching TV, sleeping all the time.  One morning I woke up at 6am (a very rare occurrence). I was bored and decided to code. I had almost typed sixty lines of the code. My computer was warning low battery. I said to myself, ‘Just few more minutes, I will commit the changes’. (This is how we permanently save the code in the remote server). I was too lazy to plug in the charger. Few seconds later, Blink! Computer shuts down. The four inch smile in my face shortened down to a two inch anger. Hoping that the code was auto saved, I stood up and plugged in the charger. After switching it on, I had to face the fact that all the sixty lines of the code that I wrote was not saved. That was it. I lost my temper. One more minute in front of the computer would make me go crazy, I realized. I slammed my computer to sleep and went up to the terrace. The sun was golden, rising slowly and was taking cover behind the trees. That was a marvellous sight. I went down, grabbed my phone and took a picture of it.

The Sunrise, from where it all started!
The Sunrise, from where it all started!

I sat there for a while. For no reason I remembered all the events that happened in my childhood and the silly fights I had with my brother and all the memories were sweet. One of them was at a time when we were at school . We used to do household chores then. I used to command him and he used to follow. I used to scold him, if he hadn’t completed the work.  During those times, my brother hated me. The thing is, I face the same situation with my dad. He used to scold me most of the time (even now) for silly things. The worst part is when I ride my bike with him at the pillion. Even now, he would hit me when I don’t drive perfect like a autonomous google car. My brother hated me the same way like which I hated my dad. I was playing dad to my brother. I realised I was the same as my father. I pondered on this for a while. I came down as the sun started to glow furiously and switched on my computer. I knew I wouldn’t be able to write the code since I was preoccupied with so many thoughts. I shut down my computer. I began to think, ‘Am I really a clone of my dad. Does all my actions and behaviour resemble him?’ Finally I found the answer, ‘Yes’. This question lead me to think, ‘Am I living my own life? Or who’s life am I living?’ These kind of thoughts were going around my mind. Few days back, I saw a movie, ‘Amazing Spiderman -2’. There was a speech by Gwen Stacy that I loved.

“We all think we are immortal, we’re supposed to feel that way, What makes life valuable is that it doesn’t last forever, what makes it precious is that it ends. I know that now more than ever. And I say it today of all days to remind us that time is luck. So don’t waste it living someone else’s life, make yours count for something. Fight for what matters to you, no matter what. Because even if you fall short, what better way is there to live?”

I started my computer to see the speech again. This time it looked even fierier and it felt like a battle speech. Then I realised that most of the time we tend to fake our lives, we always tend to act like we are better than what we actually are. We always portray a better version of ourselves, well-educated and well-cultured, hiding our true nature. One reason could be that people are not ready to accept the truth and our original being. That’s it, I’m no more going to be the ‘Fake it’ kind of guy. That moment was changing point of my life. I promised myself. I might be courageous or coward, active or lazy, or whatever it may be, let me be myself. I’m not going to care what people think of me. If you think this is rude, let me put it in another way. People have the right to think about me but I care less about that. I promised myself, ‘People may change, times may get hard, situations can be terrible, things may turn terrible and life may turn really bad. I won’t change. People may love, hate or screw me, I’ll be what I am’.

I started to see life different than before I did and notice every tiny thing around me. I realized how lucky we are. With the parent’s gift, we are living a wonderful life with sophisticated technologies. We are so fortunate that we are not born during World War or Ice Age. Importantly, we are humans, who are the most talented species of the Universe. Let us enjoy our every moment to the fullest. Never hesitate for being yourself. Once this thought added vigour to my fire, I set to experiment real joy, love, adventure and thrill. Every day should be exciting, memorable and enjoyable. Never miss a moment. I’m going to share some of my experiences from the new way of life that I have discovered (rest of the content, continued in part 2).